City Jet



"CityJet, a fully-owned airline subsidiary of the Air France group headquartered in Dublin, employ 750 people out of our base in Swords, Co Dublin. Of these staff, just under 200 are  pilots and 300 are cabin crew. Our operation has been growing steadily since our acquisition in 1999 by Air France, and our fleet size has more than trebled since 2002 from seven aircraft  to the twenty-three we currently fly. Further expansion is planned for later this year as we have  just acquired two extra aircraft. This will oblige us to continue our external pilot recruitment programme,  and internal pilot upgrade and promotion programme.

This is where Paul Harris and the Institute of Leadership and Healthcare Management attached to the Royal College of  Surgeons in Ireland come in. A pilot seeking promotion from First Officer to Captain must undergo a very rigorous battery  of assessments to determine their suitability for promotion. These assessments include a technical interview, flight ability  and command potential assessment in a full-flight simulator, and psychometric testing and evaluation.

Since 2006 we have contracted with Paul and his team at the RCSI Institute of Leadership and Healthcare Management to  undertake this psychometric testing and evaluation. We have been very happy with the quality of work and professionalism  displayed by Paul. His is an essential input into this most crucial and sensitive area. We hope to continue our collaboration  with Paul into the future."

David Finn, Manager Flight Operations Resources, CityJet