0 0 British Association of Oral Surgeons, Prof Ciaran O'Boyle, RCSI Institute of Leadership

Institute Director delivers keynote lecture at the Annual Conference of the British Association of Oral Surgeons

Professor Ciaran O’Boyle, Director of the Institute of Leadership delivered an opening keynote lecture entitled “Clinical Leadership: Quo Vadis?” in Belfast, on the 27th of September. The British Association of Oral Surgeons represents all practitioners with a special interest in oral surgery, from the high street practitioner through hospital specialists to the academic oral surgeons. Speaking to over 500 delegates, Professor O’Boyle reviewed current models of clinical leadership development and outlined approaches that are needed to integrate new research in authentic leadership, positive psychology and positive organisational scholarship into the development and practice of clinical leadership.   


                  Prof Ciaran O'Boyle delivering the opening keynote lecture