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Hermitage Medical Clinic Leadership Development Programme

Hermitage Medical Clinic Leadership Development Programme for Clinical Support Staff and Clinical Nursing Staff was completed on May 5th 2016. This programme was co designed with the RCSI Institute of Leadership. Eight workshops on leadership, finance, governance, and team performance took place over a six month period. The programme was accredited by NMBI.

Ms Carolyn Whelan, Clinical Educator and Mr Ray Healy, Clinical Nurse Manager said “The aim of this programme was to provide our colleagues with the knowledge and skills to explore their leadership competencies and capabilities to become more effective leaders and managers. It has been a great success from a practice development perspective, we have fantastic change agents within HMC, and their commitment to the programme has been really positive and energizing”.

Participants completed very interesting projects on key areas for HMC including - Nursing Handover, Purposeful Rounding, Radiation standards, Theatre Start Times and Hand Hygiene Standards.


Our photo shows Ray Healy, CNM with Hermitage Medical Clinic Support Staff and Nursing Staff.

Professor Ciarán O ‘Boyle said “The Institute of Leadership was delighted to co design this programme with the Hermitage Medical Clinic, an RCSI affiliated hospital. The Hermitage Medical Clinic has an institutional commitment to interagency co-operation and collaboration in the areas of clinical service delivery, education and research”.

The Hermitage Medical Clinic is a 101-bed private hospital in Lucan, West Dublin. Our specialised medical teams provide medical, surgical and advanced radiotherapy care to patients and are supported by the very latest medical technology. The Hermitage Medical Clinic is committed to providing excellence in patient care and we ensure that patients are looked after by competent and caring staff using state-of-the-art facilities in comfortable surroundings.