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The Institute of Leadership runs first joint Leadership Workshop for Anaesthetist and Surgeons in Africa

Professor Ciaran O’Boyle and Dermot O’Flynn delivered the first ever joint leadership workshop for anaesthetists and surgeons in Blantyre, Malawi. 22 participants attended from six countries including Ireland, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Burundi. The workshop was also attended by the President Ellen O’Sullivan and CEO Fintan Foy of The College of Anaesthetist in Ireland. Fintan Foy said that “The breadth of the material covered and the excellence in which it was delivered by the Institute of Leadership will give the anaesthetists and surgeons the confidence to lead and further develop both the specialty but more importantly, aspire toward improved patient care. Also, the fact that both anaesthetists and surgeons were present together in the one programme will help to develop a team-based approach in the Operating Theatre, Intensive Care Units, etc., which is key where scarce resources are abundant”.       


Participants pictured with Dermot O'Flynn, Prof Ciaran O'Boyle, Mr Eric O'Flynn (RCSI), Mr Fintan Foy and Ms Ellen O'Sullivan (College of Anaesthetists).