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RCSI Institute of Leadership Train the Trainer Programme

Over the last 3 years RCSI Institute of Leadership have trained over 300 Surgeons / Physicians to be clinical trainers in Ireland, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Rwanda using a unique blended learning format, which was jointly developed with the RCPI.

The current online programme is made up of six modules which is then followed up by a one day workshop which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The advantage of the online programme  is that it allows participants to review and complete the programme in their own time (approx. 4.5 hours), and prepare the course work for the one day follow up workshop.
The online course includes the following modules

•        Module 1 Giving a Lecture 
•        Module 2 Techniques for Bedside Teaching
•        Module 3  Conducting Skills training in a Clinical Setting
•        Module 4  Giving Feedback
•        Module 5  Workplace based Assessment.
•       Module 6  Objective setting

On completion of the online course the participants will need to complete the MCQ’s and score over 80% before being to  attend the one day Train the Trainer assessment workshop.

At the one day work shop the participants will be assessed on their ability to deliver a clinical presentation,  teach a clinical skill and deliver feedback correctly to students and trainees. On completion they will receive a Train the Trainer certificate of completion from the RCSI Institute of Leadership with CME points.


Syed Ali Naqi from Beaumont Hospital receives his Train the Trainer Certificate of Completion from Mr Dermot O’Flynn, Director of Professional Development

For further information on this and other short courses please contact Mr. Dermot O'Flynn Director of Professional Development & Training at doflynn@rcsi.ie