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The inaugural Rotunda Leadership Development Programme comes to a successful conclusion.

The inaugural Rotunda Leadership Development Programme led by Dr. Mary Collins from the RCSI Institute of Leadership, concluded with a poster presentation event on November 12th in the RCSI boardroom.  The programme was a multi-disciplinary high potential leadership programme to build leadership capacity in the hospital. The programme was run over 6 modules delivered by RCSI Institute of Leadership faculty in partnership with Rotunda Executive Sponsors. A  core component of the programme was working on Quality Improvement Projects in multi-disciplinary teams linked to the Rotunda Hospital Strategy. RCSI Institute of Leadership have been invited to continue this programme for the life of the hospital strategy.


Our photo shows Dr Mary Collins, Staff of the Institute of Leadership,  Master of the Rotunda Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, Ms Pauline Treanor, Group General Manager & Staff of the Rotunda Hospital.