0 0 Co-founder of the Blackrock, Galway and Hermitage Clinics to explore Leadership Lessons in Healthcare at RCSI Lecture Series

Co-founder of the Blackrock, Galway and Hermitage Clinics to explore Leadership Lessons in Healthcare at RCSI Lecture Series

Orthopaedic surgeon, engineer, businessman and entrepreneur, James Sheehan who is co-founder of the Blackrock, Galway and Hermitage Clinics presented a talk entitled ‘Leadership Lessons in Healthcare’ yesterday evening as part of the RCSI Institute of Leadership Lecture Series. This was the final lecture of the 2013/2014 RCSI Lessons in Leadership Series which was delivered to approximately 100 health professionals at 6pm at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), 123 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

Speaking ahead of the lecture Mr Sheehan said: ‘Leadership should not be envisaged as applying to those leading large organisations. It is the ability to influence and inspire even just one other person. When people are inspired they have no limits to what they can achieve.’

Mr Sheehan’s lecture explored how we can inspire others and what are the most important qualities of leaders: ‘Many think of themselves as leaders but if they pause and look behind them and no one is following then they are only going for a walk.’



Jimmy Sheehan addresses the audience in the Albert Lecture Theatre

Mr Dermot O’Flynn, Director of the Professional Development at RCSI Institute of Leadership said: ‘We are delighted to welcome one of Ireland’s most renowned healthcare leaders, Jimmy Sheehan, at this evening’s 'Lessons in Leadership’ lecture. As a surgeon, engineer, businessman and entrepreneur, he embodies all the qualities of an outstanding leader and is passionate about the delivery of healthcare, design and functionality in hospitals. He is a humble man and an inspiration to those who wish to lead their colleagues in healthcare and the world of business.’

Mr James (Jimmy) Sheehan is widely recognised as having transformed the face of private healthcare in Ireland and is a hugely respected businessman as well as a respected medical professional. He is a strong proponent of the value of an independent hospital system to complement State healthcare.

Sheehan established the Blackrock Clinic, a private clinic in 1984 where he was a specialist in replacement hip and knee joints. He is Director of Blackrock Medical Partners and was also instrumental in the development of the Galway and the Hermitage Clinics. Mr Sheehan graduated from University College Dublin in 1963 with gold medals in surgery, medicine and obstetrics and went on to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon in St Vincent’s Hospital and Cappagh Orthopaedic Hospital. He is a Fellow of RCSI and he holds an MSc in Bioengineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Surrey. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland and the Irish Academy of Engineering.


Cathal _Jimmy


  Pictured (l-r) is Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO, RCSI presenting a gift to Jimmy Sheehan.