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Privacy and Data Protection Statement

This is a statement of the practices of The Royal College of Surgeons inIreland (the "College") in connection with the capture of personaldata on this website (that is all web pages within the domain www.rcsi.ie) andthe steps taken by the College to respect your privacy. The College is notresponsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites which may beaccessed through the RCSI website. It is College policy to identify clearlylinks to external websites and it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself asto the adequacy of the practices of linked sites.


General statement

The College fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks topreserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the College.The College will not collect any personal information about you on this websitewithout your permission, except as may be required or permitted by law. Anypersonal information which you volunteer to the College will be treated withthe highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with theData Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003.


Collection and use of personal information

Any information which you provide in this way is not made available toany third parties, and is used by the College only in accordance with thepurpose for which you provided the information and will only be retained for aslong as required for the purpose. This is normally stated on the webpage wherethe information is requested and should be self-explanatory. However, if youhave any specific queries about the purpose for which your information is to beused, you should contact our Data Protection Officer before submitting theinformation.


Collection and use of technical information

Information on internet traffic is collected routinely by the Collegeand also at other points along the route in the internet (e.g. HEAnet). Thistechnical information is used to ensure the smooth running of the computernetwork in the College and for statistical or administrative purposes. It isNOT used to gather identifiable personal information on individual websitevisitors, except in so far as this is permitted by law and may be necessary inorder to prevent or detect problems or offences in relation to the operation ofthe website.


Your Rights

Pursuant to the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, you have certainrights to obtain a copy of the data held about you, for a fee.


Any such requests should be made in writing (not email) to the DataProtection Officer at the address set out below. For further details on yourdata privacy rights, please refer to www.dataprotection.ie.


This statement should not be construed as a contractual undertaking. TheCollege reserves the right to review and amend this statement at any timewithout notice and you should therefore re-visit this webpage from time totime.


Any queries or concerns you may have about the processing of personalinformation on this website should be addressed to:


The Data ProtectionOfficer,

Information &Communication Technology Department,

Royal College ofSurgeons in Ireland,

123 St StephensGreen,

Dublin 2.

Email:                    data.protection@rcsi.ie

Tel:                         (01)402 2273