00Modules Offered l Quality & Safety in Healthcare l RCSI Dubai

Modules Offered

Semester 1 (October – January)

Module 1: Introduction to Quality & Safety in Healthcare (10 ECTS)
Explore the concepts of quality and safety in healthcare, within the context of the evolution of quality, its pioneers  and the catalysts and drivers for change. Review the dimensions of quality, as viewed by key influential thinkers and apply them to your practice.

Module 2: Tools & Frameworks for Quality (10 ECTS)
Examine structure, process and outcome as key areas of safety and quality in healthcare. Explore Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement. Apply quality tools and techniques to your everyday work practice.

Module 3: Evaluation, Measurement & Research (10 ECTS)
Evaluate the core concepts and principles of healthcare evaluation, measurement and research including frameworks, approaches, strategies and tools to support effective and efficient healthcare implementation and their application to your area of practice. Investigate the principles and requirements of evidence-based practice.

Semester 2 (February - May)

Module 4: Accreditation & Standards (10 ECTS)
Investigate the accreditation process as an external audit of quality. Examine different models of accreditation and standard setting for appropriateness and apply them to your work setting. Debate the merits and demerits of a variety of accreditation processes and standards as they apply to your organisation.

Module 5: Leadership & Strategic Management (10 ECTS)
Learn how to implement a safe and quality service using a clinical governance approach. Explore clinical incident reporting, risk management and integrated care pathways.

Module 6: Clinical Governance (10 ECTS)
Examine different approaches to leadership to determine your preferred leadership style. Learn how to design and implement strategy, using a wide variety of tools to understand the external environment and assess the internal strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.

Semester 3 & 4 (September – May)

Action Research Project & Action Learning Sets(30 ECTS)
Lead a dynamic work-based organisational development change project throughout the second year of this Master’s programme. Use your learning from Year 1, in conjunction with Year 2 seminars dedicated to the leadership of change, to develop and direct your own change project. In collaboration with your work-based manager you will select a project designed to produce benefits to your organisation, such as process improvements or resource restructuring, that are likely to result in substantial cost savings.

With the support of a dedicated Action Learning Set comprising a small group of fellow students you will lead the selected organisational development project within your own workplace setting. The Set will also support you to produce a dedicated project report with a reflective account based on your ongoing diary notes and a poster for display. You may also have the opportunity to produce an article about your project for publication within a quality management journal.

The second year of the programme is an exciting and beneficial opportunity for students dedicated to leading local healthcare change.