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FAQ Lectures

How is the programme delivered?

During the contact days in class we invite knowedge experts from the health and higher education field to deliver some of the sessions of the module.  


All Programmes are delivered through blended learning.  Completion of the Postgraduate Diploma (6 modules, each module runs for 5/6 weeks) requires three contact days giving a total of 18 classroom contact days (9-5pm). Overseas modules run for four days for each module, which is a total of 24 contact days in year 1. If you continue to Masters’ level this is delivered over 4 tutorial days.  In addition to the classroom contact days you will complete an online portion of the module in your own time.


Where do the lectures take place?
Ireland programmes take place in the teaching facility in RCSI Reservoir House, Sandyford, Dublin 18 (map).

United Arab Emirates programmes take place in the offices in Dubai Healthcare City (map).


Kingdom of Bahrain programmes take place in the RCSI Bahrain campus (map).


On occasion another venue may be used.  Students will be notified on commencement of the programme of venue.


What are the programme dates?

Provisional timetables are will be available on our website in due course.