00Why Study at RCSI Institute of Leadership?

Why Study at the Institute of Leadership?

 RCSI Leadership Programmes have characteristics of leadership thread, experienced heathcare professionals, action learning & action research, diverse student body, excellent networking opportunity and renowned keynote speakers


  • RCSI has been Ireland’s leading educational institution for health professionals for over 220 years. The Institute is dedicated exclusively to the development of health professionals and their organisations.

  • Programmes are accredited by the National University of Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; therefore your qualifications are recognised internationally.

  • You may take, and get credit for, a single module, three modules (Certificate), six modules (Postgraduate Diploma) or six modules and a change management project (MSc degree). The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) applies to all of our MS programmes.

  • You may take up to five years from registration to complete your MSc degree.

  • Full time and associate faculty in the Institute are all experienced health professionals.

  • Programmes are part-time, flexible and modular allowing you to continue working while studying.

  • Programmes are delivered through blended learning which combines the best of classroom-based learning and e-learning.

  • Our electronic portfolio allows you to confidentially maintain your resume, reflect on your experiences, manage your career and produce tailored summaries for regulatory and employer organisations.

  • In some modules and short courses you may opt to undertake psychometric assessments that contribute to your personal and professional development.

  • Our short courses are very highly regarded both by participants and by their employers.